finally ready

My book is finally published and to celebrate I went ahead and created a photo album today using Lulu’s new photo album wizard, which is really nice.

A Journey to India (photo book)
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50 year adventure (memoirs)
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I also re-did also my web site to have screen shots of both of the books at http://50yearadventure.com.


getting close now

The editing and formatting is complete and I am waiting for the final review before I can really say it is ready. The people at LuLu.com have been so helpful all along the way. I mentioned that I would like to have my book finished by my 50th birthday and they completed the initial format quickly. I definitely picked the correct publisher to help me. Since this was my first book I decided to purchase the Premier Pack to get a little help all along the way. I do not regret that decision in any way. For the formatting alone it was worth every dollar. It did help that when I purchased this plan that they were offering a substantial discount! I would really have liked to have a professional editor review my book but I enlisted the help of my mother and wife who could definitely vouched for the authenticity of what I wrote. My mother really helped a lot as she always wanted to be a literary editor, so I was able to help her fulfill a dream in her old age, which in itself was worth it. Now the end is in sight and the book is almost done.

raw book photos

I went ahead and posted the raw unedited photos that I used for my book illustrations. I added captions to all of them. I have many more photos from trips to India and Saudi but these were the ones I selected. One day I would like to post all of the ones I have and illustrate them. I will never have time, so will have to make time. I have not made a direct link on my 50yearadventure.com web site. You can find them all at
http://50yearadventure.com/rawPhotos/album.html. Every after writing my book, I still like original photos and the story behind each one on them. I think the next book I write will be a illustrated book as that would be fun. It is obvious from the raw photos that my gift in life is not a photographer. I would like to be better but I am not willing to put the time and effort into being a great one. Which reminds me that I forgot to mention that the photo that I use for this blog is not mine. It is way too good to be one I took. However, a good friend of mine took it and let me use it since it is one of my favorite photos that he took of the Indian Himalayas.

book web site

I created a new web site for my book at http://50yearadventure.com while waiting for my publish to finish my book. I posted color versions of all of the photos to be included in my book. I added comments to all of the photos and tagged the individual photos with captions. The book will only show the photos, but I wanted to document more of the details as well as show the beautiful color renditions.

Initially I stored all of them in iPhoto on my Mac, but I was not happy with the exported content as it appeared on a web page. It created really nice slideshows for multiple output devices like an iPhone and iTiunes, but I wanted more than a simple slideshow.

A few years ago a friend of mine told me about a program called JAlbum that he used to create a series of photos for his web site. This morning I downloaded the latest version from http://jalbum.net/ and found some great skins as well at http://jalbum.net/skins. It was a very hard decision to make on which skin to use for my book photos. I kept switching between the “Most popular” and the “Highest rated” until I found the “Galleriffic” skin. I am very happy with the results http://50yearadventure.com/album/album.html. The best thing about JAlbum is that they made it so easy to add a photo caption and then publish to my 50 year adventure web site. Then I found out that I could add text directly onto the photos and I was completely sold on using JAlbum for all of my photo publishing as it is a great tool!